Volume 5 Recap

Volume 5 was hosted alongside Pushing Weight TOUR held at Macombs Dam Park.
Benswic One-Rep MAX

Though it was amazing to be part of, it was our lowest turnout. Volume 5 of One Rep MAX took place on August 28th at Macombs Dam Park. Credit to the competitors for coming out to support, especially to our undefeated champion Terence. Terence has been a huge part of the One-Rep MAX since Vol.2. 

Since there was only 1 female competitor, Christie Marcho not only won vol.5 but has PR’d in everything from her last competition of One-Rep MAX | vol.2. We must note Christie didn’t run the mile in vol.2 but considering she was the only competitor today and in order to be considered a vol.5 CHAMP. Guess what??? Yup, Christie had to run the mile! And she did…her first mile ever!

Overall, this has been a great experience with taking part of Pushing Weight Tour to showcase One-Rep MAX. Now we get ready for vol.6 all the way to Durham, NC! Can’t wait. Definitely look out for that.

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