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When will One-Rep MAX launch it’s next event? Below is our list of events but please know that these dates are subject to change at any moment.

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15-16 OCTOBER 2022

Hosting vol.9 of One-Rep MAX Week GAME ON: TICKETS ON SALE NOW!
Held in Durham, NC at GTA Gym

We’re HOSTING a 2day event that will provide a Saturday morning 40yard Sprint; Vertical Jump; Broad Jump; Pro Agility and a Mile Run at Riverbank State Park.

Sunday will be Weight Lifting (Deadlift, Squat and Bench Press); and Calisthenics (Pushups, Bodyweight Squats and Pullups) with CCA at BENSWIC Studios

FEE: $25 for individual Events or $50 for ALL the Events


NOTE: Now, if you don’t want to compete in ALL 3 Events you have the option to do just one or two.






GTA Fitness Performance
4122 Bennett Memorial Rd Suite 109, Durham, NC 27705

Building Our

Strengthening our community positively shapes everyone’s life. Events like these bring people from all walks of life together, strengthening the bonds between each other.

Pathway to
Reaching Your Goals

We formed this event with the notion that we will help motivate our community and others to get fit and remain fit, not to encourage fitness gimmick lifestyles that’s been happening over the years. We are setting up opportunities from those that hung up their shoes to those new to the game….to have the ability to train and compete like athletes.


One-Rep MAX Tee

We designed One-Rep MAX so all could put their limits to the test, allowing them to forge their own greatness!


Everything to know about each event and how we score. All information will be in our “Handbook” that can be downloaded below. Knowing your one-rep max (1RM) can help you achieve your lifting goals.



To make the Squat count as a complete One-Rep MAX, the top surface of the leg must go lower than the top of the knee. Every lifter will be provided 2 referees to determine if you went deep enough. Each referee will enforce the rules before you go.


To make the Deadlift count as a complete One-Rep MAX, the referees will look if the bar is traveling downward before reaching the final position (which it’s not suppose to); you must stand erect with the shoulders back; stand with your knees straight at the completion of the lift.

You cannot have the bar rest on the thighs during the lift, nor step forward or back or move the feet laterally during the ‘up phase’.

Finally, you must return the bar to the floor while maintaining control with both hands


To make the Bench Press count as a complete One-Rep MAX, the referees will make sure while you’re lifting that your head is down, while shoulders, and buttocks are in contact with the bench; and your feet are flat on the floor. Furthermore, you must pause the weight on your chest before pressing and have a constant forward motion of the barbell.


To make the Vertical Jump count as a complete One-Rep MAX, the referees will mark down the best jump out of 3 attempts. It’s suggested to have a good jump that you stand with your side to the Vertec. With your feet flat on the ground, jump and hit the Vertec to get a mark.


Begin to swing your arms back behind your torso, with your fingers pointed toward the ground. As you’re doing the first step, bend your knees and drive your hips straight back. Press off the ground and jump forward, as far as you possibly can. Land in the universal athletic position, there the referees will Mark the spot. Best one out of three.


Competitor must know the five stages (the stance, first step, first ten yards, transition and finish) to make their 40yard dash effective. Knowing the starting position / three-point stance and your power leg; alignment of your head, shoulder, hips and hands.


The competitor must wait until a referee gives the signal to begin the race. Competitors must complete the entire mile in order to receive points for the event.

One-Rep MAX


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A live social media platform that will  display a wall of posts to engage event attendees during the event. Prompting participants in a conversation regarding past and upcoming events.

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