Volume 4 Recap

The fourth volume of One Rep MAX was a hit with plenty of competitors and a good amount of youth showing out!

Volume 4 of One Rep MAX took place on July 24th. This was an extremely competitive event with 14 athletes and it was close until the very end. What we love most about this competition is that it is a true test of your athleticism. You can lift weights? You’re a fast runner? Great! But you also have to have endurance, hops, and more to balance it out.  We enjoy seeing our competitors challenge themselves and realize what they want to work on for the next event. We also give them a personal record to aim for each event, even if they win. Two competitors took it home this competition!

Female Winner

Our first-time competitor, 18 year old Bryana Marshall took home the first place title with a total of 6450 points, coming first in more than 4 events. Congratulations to the champion of the female competition!

Male Winner

Terence Haynes has done it again! For three events in a row, he has secured the first place spot for the men’s competition. In our Volume 4 competition, Terence  came out on top with a score of 6980, trailing ahead from the second place winner by 630 points. Will he continue to be the reigning champ for our Volume 5 competition?

Sponsors & Collaborations

We are so thankful to our sponsors and are volunteers who helped us to make this possible: Eboost, Pushing Weight, MET-Rx, and LuluLemon. We are also extremely grateful to have partnered with WavVis, who helped to make sure that our 40 yard dash and vertical jump was as accurate as possible. We hope to continue to collaborate with them for future competitions. Make sure to sign up now for Volume 5 which is taking place on August 28th at Macombs Dam Park!

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