Look Who Stood out on the Youth + adults! — 2022 vol.8

This was our first attempt to award Youth and Adults separately. The competition got real intense and exciting to watch.

During our two day event, competitors either competed in a single or two event, whether it was in Calisthenics, Athletic Testing and or Weight Lifting. We awarded Youth + Adults overall athleticism as well,  to those that wanted to compete in all 11 events. This was the first event that we scored Youth and Adults separately.

One-Rep MAX vol.8 Benswic

Two day event was worth having it both days. The battle of the Youth and Adults division was one of the most entertaining we ever had in all our past events — all three categories were up for grabs going into the final day.

Final day was full of excitement. As both Youth + Adults were doing some serious lifting and showing off their calisthenics.

DAY 1: Started off with Athletic Testing with the help from WavVis. Testing each athletes Vertical Jump. On the Youth Part Emmanuel (15yrs) jumped 29″ where on the Adult side Terrence jump 30″. After seeing Emmanuel out jump him. It immediately became a  competition between youth + adults, though each are award separately.

The other events were 40y Sprints; Broad Jump; Pro Agility and Mile Run.

One-Rep MAX vol.8 Benswic 40y Sprint
One-Rep MAX vol.8 Benswic Vertical Jump

Day 2: We tackled 1Rep in Weightlifting. We seen records broken from both Youth + Adults turning this event to be really entertaining. We also covered the calisthenics event held by CCA (Calisthenics Competition Association), where competitors had to do 1min of Body Weight Squat, Pushups and Pullups with only 30secs REST between movements. This also got extremely competitive.

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