One-Rep MAX Event Highlights

We can't talk about every minute of our amazing October 2020 event – but We are proud to share a highlight reel with you...

One-Rep MAX was designed and organized by BENSWIC®, as an extension of the brand. It started off as a thought – something that could potentially be fun to do. We created 1RM without the context of Benswic’s services and reputation, and yet the word went out and people heard. We held an event that caught wind and surprisingly a large amount of people showed up and supported the thought, whether it was through competing, volunteering, or sponsoring. From the success of this event, we decided to expand the thought into a vision.

The challenge leading up to this day was designing something that has never been done before in the Harlem community. We’re excited for many more to come because now we’re convinced this is what needs to happen more often.

Here’s to the vision! Enjoy 🙂

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