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Founder / Director gives a heartwarming speech before the start of the One-Rep MAX Event.
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Above is a clip that was recorded when I was giving a heartfelt speech while hosting my second One-Rep MAX event. My original intentions were to thank everyone for attending and to give further details on the event before starting. But as I stood on top of the bench looking out to all the competitors, volunteers, sponsors/vendors, and to my wife and kids, I was  reminded of my journey leading to this point. I was reminded of how far I’ve come to even start a business, let alone a whole event and I am truly humbled. I started from being a kid in the back of the classroom that was always day-dreaming and failing classes at the same time; a kid struggling to fit in; a kid that yearned to be noticed or chosen… And to know that I am here, finding the courage to not only start a business but to host an event for the community – words can’t even express how amazing this feels!

I shared with everyone that if they ride with me, we’re going places and that we will succeed together. I wasn’t speaking from an egotistical perspective, but from a fighter that fought to be here, not only for myself but for YOU. I had to endure to get here. I quickly reminded myself that my fight isn’t for me, it’s for you and and everyone that’s willing to take a stand with me. It takes a leader that’s willing to take the blows, more importantly, it takes a village to allow the leader to expand.

So here goes to many more!

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