We took One-Rep MAX to Durham, NC

We traveled to Durham, NC to host Volume 6 of our first travel event
One-Rep MAX Durham, NC Benswic

Volume 6 of One-Rep MAX was held in Durham, NC. We had the privilege in offering One-Rep MAX at GTA Fitness + Performance, founded by Jonathan Gramby. We had the opportunity to offer not only to his clients the ability to show off their athleticism.

William Marshall, founder discussing the order of events, rules and how each gain points.

We never imagined we host outside New York City, especially so quickly. We are only a little in a year in and when the opportunity presented itself we had to see it though.

This event was exciting to watch as BOTH the men and women put on a show. The points were close, most competitors never competed in certain events before or left past their previous weight. As we’re watching this right before our eyes, we’re still amazed that WE ARE HOSTING AN EVENT IN NORTH CAROLINA. Where next???

GTA, this has to happen again next year for sure.Thanks for having us!

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