Last One-Rep MAX Event of 2021

With holding 5 event of 2021 we had to at least finish off with a bang. Looking forward to 2022!
For this event we tried something NEW. We called it One-Rep MAX Week, with the idea to break up the days (Monday – Saturday) that everyone could compete. It was good idea but didn’t exactly work out the way we envisioned.
What’s the saying, “in order to see a vision happen you must try and try again.” We were able to see first hand whether or not this is something we would do this in the near future. Definitely, back to the Lab to make the necessary evaluation if we were to do this again.
One-Rep MAX Winners vol.7

The break down to volume 7 of One-Rep MAX was allow competitors to come in the mornings between 8am or 9am; or evenings between 6pm or 7pm Monday thru Friday to focus on just the Weightlifting and Calisthenics part. Where Saturday we finished off with the Athletic Testing.

One-Rep Max Benswic vol.7
What’s your overall OUTCOME with staying in shape? Have ever imagine what it feels like to train or compete like an athlete? Have you created a Goal to reach from a previous goal?
We ask these questions because these are the very things we want to create in each thoughts when coming to each of our events. It’s not all about winning the trophies or any awards we give. It’s about winning with oneself and keep on reaching. We are in the same position like everyone that comes to each of our events as well. We have goals and we must continue to keep that drive, whether it’s 1 or whatever number that we get better.
Hope to see you guys next year! Happy Holidays and Happy New Years to all! 2022 we coming bigger and better. #rurepready?

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